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As an agency owner, you are dealing with a changing industry, more numerous—and more aggressive—direct insurers, a shrinking or more demanding talent pool, and the need to regularly reinvest in technology or equipment that soon leads to diminished profitability and revenue.

AssurExperts offers a solution that meets the current needs of agency owners who wish to capitalize on marketplace opportunities while retaining their acquired stature and full autonomy.

Our formula

Provide access to

  • A broader market in which to spread risk, with full commissions
  • A number of exclusive products for personal as well as business insurance
  • A professional development program
  • Added value for all your clients, such as our:
    - SecurExpert warranty
    - Free security systems


  • A powerful Internet portal
  • Directly redistributed online quotes
  • Numerous strategies to boost your revenue

With absolutely no

  • Entry fees
  • Exit fees

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