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Build your agency as an Independent Associated Producer

The value of a property and casualty insurance agency is always increasing. It consists primarily of the client base that the firm has acquired over the years.

But if you are a broker working for an agency or a property and casualty agent employed by a direct insurer, the clients that you solicit and acquire for your employer won’t provide you with any equity.

If you are a business insurance producer and would like to see the client base you have developed year after year gradually become your own, AssurExperts has the solution: our Independent Associated Producer program.

AssurExperts offers you the opportunity to build a client base that’s entirely your own, using the network’s tools, products, services, and insurers. There’s no investment required, just your computer and phone. Most of our current associated producers began building their agencies from home offices.

At the start, the only thing you’ll need to concentrate on is soliciting your own customers—AssurExperts takes care of administrative tasks until your agency has been trained and you have taken on the role of manager.

Upon receipt of your résumé, we will send you a detailed description of the Independent Associated Producer program. We will then be able to help you develop a business plan for your personal situation and financial requirements.

AssurExperts has helped a number of agency owners become millionaires. The PDF below provides an illustration of the remuneration that an Independent Associate Producer may receive, based on the assumptions shown.

Independent Associate Producer revenue projections

Wouldn’t you like to someday be one of them?

Don’t hesitate to send your résumé to All inquiries will be kept strictly confidential.

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Independent Associated Producer Program

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