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Auto insurance

Requesting an auto insurance quote from an AssurExperts broker lets you benefit from the best rates from a wide selection of insurers and outstanding service from experienced insurance professionals.

We represent a number of companies, so whatever your insurance needs are, we can satisfy them!

Automobile insurance is mandatory in Quebec, but that doesn’t mean your insurance policy can’t be tailored to your needs and your budget.

Your AssurExperts advisor will be able to guide you and to make sure that your policy will reflect any discounts that you are entitled to receive. Be sure to ask about any additional discounts that may apply if you combine your home insurance with that of your car or recreational vehicle.

And you can also take advantage of our SecurExpert warranty that reimburses your home and auto premiums in the event that you are disabled in an accident. We also can offer a vehicle replacement insurance that will provide a new vehicle for a period up to seven (7) years.

All our clients can have a free security system for their home or business. Learn more about this offer!

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