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Free security system

There are things that really are irreplaceable: pictures, objects and jewelry with sentimental value, collectibles, or even the children’s favourite toys. A security system linked to a central monitoring station can prevent theft and fire, helping you avoid losses of greater value than the price of these objects. That’s why AssurExperts proposes, free of charge, a security system with fire and theft alarms for its policyholders.

All of our clients are eligible for this complete security system, offered free of charge by AssurExperts.

The system’s components include:

  • GE Allegro quality system
  • Control panel and keyboard
  • Motion sensor for animals of 40 lbs
  • 3 Water probes
  • Water damage protection valve
  • Installation by a licensed plumber
  • Smoke alarm
  • Interior siren
  • Doors and windows contacts

Also included:

  • VigiGARD service
  • 5 years warranty
  • Disincentives stickers

Ownership and responsibilities

  • The client owns the system after 60 months. The only cost for the client is the low monthly fee to be linked to the central for as low as $27.95/month.
  • You can choose to add components to this basic system such as, for example, a thermal sensor, a panic button or a second water probe.

A free system, which belongs to you after 60 months, for one of the lowest monthly fees, combined with discounts offered by insurance companies simply because you own a security system linked to a central. That’s another reason to choose an AssurExperts broker.

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