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Liability insurance

Professional liability

A professional liability insurance policy covers errors, omissions, and acts of negligence that may arise in the normal course of business.

Professional liability insurance protects both professionals and their clients. This coverage will protect the professional’s personal assets, while helping the individual to maintain a good reputation should there be deceptive allegations or malicious acts. Professional liability insurance will reassure the client who has incurred damages as a result of professional acts that adequate funds are available to compensate for any negligence they have caused.

Liability insurance for directors and officers

Whether you are part of a small association, a non-profit organization, or a large company, the litigious nature of today’s society means that decision makers must have adequate insurance coverage.

Claims are frequently unjustified or unfounded—but the costs associated with investigating and defending against them are often substantial. This insurance covers legal fees as well as any amounts that the director or officer is responsible for (subject, of course, to the limit of the insurance coverage selected).

Business plans

AssurExperts leads the field in business insurance, with plans designed expressly for professional service firms, associations, and non-profit organizations.

Ask your AssurExperts broker for details, or fill out the form below to learn more about any of our plans.

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