Whether you live in a condo, a townhouse, an apartment block, in the city centre or in the countryside, AssurExperts brokers analyze the market and offer you coverage suited to your needs and your financial ability. They will apply all the discounts available to you, such as being claims-free, having a home equipped with an alarm system, being retired or a graduate from a particular institution, as well as a multi-line discount if we also insure your automobile.

In terms of residential insurance, several details must be considered to avoid unpleasant surprises during a claim, whether it happens to be fire, theft, water damage, a natural disaster, or liability. Rely on our brokers for peace of mind. They will assess your possessions at their fair replacement value as well as consider oft-forgotten valuables, such as paintings, bicycles and high-value objects, the contents of your wine cellar, musical instruments or unique collections.

And above all, in the event of a loss, your AssurExperts broker is an intermediary looking out for your best interests so that you can benefit from the indemnities provided for in your insurance policy.

Here are some of the additional coverages that can be added to your insurance policy:

  • Replacement cost – with no obligation to rebuild or replace your property
  • Legal insurance
  • Travailleur à domicile
  • Assurance pour piscine ou spa
  • Résidence secondaire et saisonnière
  • Maison neuve en construction
  • Tremblement de terre



An upscale property requires the most extensive insurance coverage. This is why clients of AssurExperts brokers who own such residences benefit from a personal inspection by appointment and a detailed assessment, which, when a claim occurs, ensures that the settlement can be made quickly and efficiently to our customer’s full satisfaction.

Challenge us to get the best insurance policy for your high-valued home.



If you’re having difficulty getting insurance for your property. AssurExperts has the solution. Thanks to our non-standard home insurance policy, we’re able to insure homes whose owners have been refused insurance either because they had experienced multiple claims in the past few years, because one of the owners has a less-than-stellar legal file, because they had to resort to an unauthorized lender, or because the previous insurer refused to renew their insurance policy for non-payment of premiums. If you’ve experienced one of these unfortunate situations, you can count on AssurExperts’ brokers.



Condominium insurance is more complex. It is therefore important to know which parts must be insured. Your AssurExperts broker will be able to guide you in order to avoid any surprises during a claim.

There are two (2) types of co-ownership: divided co-ownership and undivided co-ownership.

If you’re the co-owner of a divided co-ownership, you own your unit and your share of the common spaces, such as the parking lot, the hallways and the basement, if applicable.

On the other hand, if you’re the owner of a unit in a condo building, you’ll have to insure your personal property (by evaluating its replacement value), your personal liability (to protect you if a guest is injured or if your BBQ damages a neighbour’s property) and also your liability for the common areas in the event of insufficient insurance from the condominium association, as well as any improvements or betterments made to your unit.

However, as a co-owner, you don’t have to insure the building. If falls upon the condominium association’s administrators to insure the building. However, check with your administrator to ensure that there’s adequate protection, because in the end, you pay part of the expenses incurred by your owner’s association through your monthly payments.